I haven't written in quite a while Don't know why it has been so Was I busy enough to leave my pen alone Or I just have exhausted all my will in one go I haven't talked to anyone beautiful in quite a while Don't know why it has been so Are beautiful people in short supply somehow Or have I exhausted all my options in one go. I haven't read a good book  in quite a while  Don't why it has been so Have I have been lazier than ever before? Or have I learnt all I need to know? I haven't seen the people those matter in quite a while Don't know why it has been so. Have I assumed they will be there for me every time after all? Or is someone closer to them now, of whom I don't know Only one reason I can think of About why it has been so and so My new job pays me hefty well Maybe even bought my soul.


My silence and I wait For the noise to melt down our spirit For the uproar to settle down with some dignity. My silence and I wait For all the chaos to actually start making some sense. We wait silently, My silence and I For a glimpse of the turn around everyone's blabbering about. For  just one touch- of the golden future I am so tired of hearing. Why am I, and many more like me silent these days you may ask. We have spoken for far too long I believe. Exhausted by running places, smirking faces We have accepted our times and state As a boy who accepts any arranged marriage proposal after his love life  constantly goes down the drain. Just like that boy, I was contend with what I had. No more ambitions, no more ambitious looks to the sky. But a man came and triggered all averse. He gave hope , he gave me conviction He showed me the skies, told me buildings would soon kiss the winds of there He showed me the land, foundations of water and prosperity will jump o